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Product name.: Appliquation du contreplaqué bouleau

Release time: 2019-11-01 15:52

Company profile:
Founded in 2006, Linyi Consmos Wood Co., Ltd is situated in Linyi city which is the most famous and the biggest plywood producing center in China and in the world, Consmos has been engaged in manufacturing, processing and trading for the whole range of plywood and wood-based panel products for nearly years since 2006.
With the continued efforts of Consmos team, Consmos has been developed into one of the most famous brand name of plywood and OSB products in China and world widely.


Contreplaqué bouleau 100% B/BB S/BB BB/BB BB/CP CP/CP CP/C


PLYNOVO marque contreplaqué de bouleau 100% B/BB,S/BB,BB/CP,CP/CP,1/2 grade......est fabriqué par Consmos nouvelle contreplaqué usine,la même qualité et grade comme SVEZA et UPM/WISA
Farmat :1220*2440
Épaisseur: 4mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm/24mm/27mm/30mm
Certifié par FSC, CARB P2, EPA, CE
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